Bouquet of Love

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I am all about flowers. I love them in my house and like any women I love receiving them

There is just something about having a fresh bouquet of blooms in the house or next to your bed when you wake up that bring just an extra bit of joy to your day. With Spring flowers blooming all around right now it is hard not to pick a couple flowers along a walk and bring them home. I have personally gotten into the habit of grabbing a few colorful flowers and branches while walking our pup in the morning and making arrangements. Ever since I was little, I would pick flowers which was documented my parents. I have numerous photos of me sitting in a field surrounded by flowers back home in Poland or my personal favorite of me sitting on my bed in Spain surrounded by hot pink bougainvillea flowers that I gathered in front of our apartment (the Landlord was none too impressed about this one),  there is even one of me at approximately 2 sitting in my snow suit smelling a pine branch lol. So you could say my love for flowers has been with me all my life.

This particular arrangement was made for my mom on her 50th Birthday. Like me, she loves flowers and gardening so I could not think of a better way to say “I love you” than with a hand picked arrangement from flowers I gathered on my morning walk. I simply gathered all the flowers I could find in her favorite colors of purple and pink and tied them together with some simple twine.

So remember, the next time you want to show someone you care, the flowers do not have to come from a green house with a price tag. A simple flower picked on a walk can say even more about how you feel. 🙂

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