A Lil’ About Me



the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative

I have been cooking, decorating and finding new ways to inspire myself since I turned sixteen. It started as a necessity (I may have been the worlds pickiest eater…sorry mom) After years of making separate meals for me my mom had enough… “from now you can make your own food.” I know to many this seems like cruel and unusual punishment… to me it was the start of a journey.

Since that fateful day, experiments have turned into meals, meals have turned into finger licking feasts… and a lifelong love for cooking has begun.

I love making things pretty, from presenting my food, decorating our house, to having fresh flowers in the house to brighten the room. Why bother one may ask? Well why not?

I find my inspiration in everyday life and what woman won’t understand cravings…

Oh ya, I forgot to mention… I don’t use recipes.

While I will grab inspiration from something I have eaten or seen, I have never followed a recipe to a T. The fun of cooking for me comes from experimenting, discovering new tastes and making something my own.

To my friends who have dined at our house and wondered about how I made something and my answer has been “I don’t know I just threw some things together…”

I will finally document my process, my revelations and maybe even a dud or two. You decide and tweak what you like and make it your own.


Now and then when I get really inspired I will be posting random projects from around our house. For those that know me, you know that I will spend 4 days stenciling a wall just because I wanted it to look pretty.

Stay Posted


After a recent interest in my blog someone suggested I post a photo of myself and include a bit more about me.

So here it is… I was born in Poland and before ending up in Canada I lived in Spain and France with my parents. I speak Polish and English fluently, Spanish to a basic degree and am trying to re-gain my French since marrying my husband.

I am an only child and my parents made sure I was NOT spoiled. I have worked for everything in my life and while my amazing parents have helped me as best they could along the way, I was able to learn a lot about the importance of hard work. I put myself through University and have been working since I turned 17. I have worked at everything from a cashier, server, bartender, administrative assistant to now a marketing manager.

Growing up, I was much more into helping my dad at his trade job in construction using power tools than I was cooking and helping my mom in the home. Somehow my mom was still able to subconsciously instill a deep love for cooking and making a beautiful home (I am still trying to figure out how she managed to swing that one lol) Needless to say…I thank both my parents very much. An easy childhood is just that, easy. I for one am glad mine wasn’t just a walk in the park. I would not be the person I am today being able to cook a delicious meal, patch a hole in our wall after our dog decided he would check to see what was on the other side, re-grout our bathroom and make a mean cocktail before calling it a day without them. 🙂

Now for the picture portion of this little get to know me bit… taken by the fabulous Erin Gilmore on my wedding day. IMG_135007317736372

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