Valentine’s Door Wreath

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Alright so after my car breaking down and me being cooped up in the house for way too long I needed some fresh inspiration and a craft day. So I took a stroll to the local Michael’s store and bought some supplies for my next door wreath project.  Since Valentine’s day is around the corner that was my inspiration.  Me and the hubby don’t really do anything for Valentine’s day, all the fuss and people running around being crammed into over priced and over booked restaurants….no thanks. I will take some good wine, a home cooked meal and one of our favorite shows on the tv while wearing something comfy that doesn’t require me to unbutton a constricting belt or pair of pants after eating too much. I believe in showing love as often as you can, not just on one day in February 🙂 In any case…just because we choose not to make a fuss doesn’t mean our front door can’t look pretty! So here is the outcome of my rainy day craft time, completed in under 15 minutes…minus the walking to the store of course.

Spring Door Wreath

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Here is something a bit different… My first DIY craft post.

I was feeling rather crafty last night and with spring right around the corner I wanted to start making our home feel less dreary after a long winter.  Most of the decor in our home has a rustic vintage feel to it so that was my inspiration for this door wreath. We have never had a wreath on our door besides at Christmas time, but I think each season has something distinctly beautiful about it so making a simple wreath is a great way to add some simple beauty to your front entry.

This particular wreath took about 10 minutes to put together, plus another 30 minutes at my local Michael’s craft store to gather my materials.

The reason why I decided to make my own was simple…it was cheaper than buying one like this. I recently saw smaller wreaths going for $40 – $50! Madness! All in for this one I spent $20. (Michael’s was having a 50% off sale on their florals)

There isn’t much in terms of how-to for this one… All I did was use my husband’s wire cutters to cut the flowers to size. I then arranged them into the grapevine wreath by sliding them snugly in between the branches. I used the main Hydrangea flower to hold it all together since it had the strongest wire stem. I slid it through the middle then wrapped the left over stem around the wreath. For the letter I simply used a bit of wire to suspend it in the middle.

10 minutes flat and now our front door is ready for the Spring 🙂

Now to start planning my deck flowers and what could be called a front “Garden” (we literally have a 10 square foot patch of grass outside our home that is supposed to qualify as green space…our future home must have a yard that is for sure!)